User Interface Design Patterns for Successful Software

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User interface (UI) design patterns are best practice by which to influence the behavior of users through well organised content and logical page structure. While dark patterns represent the sinister side of UI design, seduction and coercion can be used ethically to enhance the user experience. This eight week course delivered by the Interaction Design Foundation examines user interface (UI) design patterns as a means by which structure and order are achieved.

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Certification provides the knowledge base required to solve design problems that affect user interfaces by selecting the most appropriate display methods.

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Implementing Page Structure

Topics covered include:

Organizing Content For The Best Results

Topics covered include:

Affording Fluid Navigation

Topics covered include:

Simplifying Data Entry

Topics covered include:

Social Aspects Of Ui Design

Topics covered include:

Dark Patterns

Topics covered include:

The Complete User Interface

Topics covered include:

About the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)

The appropriate use of user experience (UX) design offers a greater chance of product success compared to products developed without the application of UX design principles. The Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) is a global organisation sharing and growing knowledge in the field of UX Design. IDF is at the forefront of education in areas of UI Design, Human Computer Interaction, Service Design, Customer Experience and Organisational Design Thinking.


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