The Art of Photography

Central Institute of Technology

This four week course produced by RMIT explores photography as a visual art practice and teaches a range of skills required to become an engaging photographer. It examines concepts and practical skills needed to capture creative images. Post-production techniques within the digital darkroom are also covered.

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Light Through Lenses

This module examines the formal devices a photographer is able to control including vantage point, framing, focus and time. It also explains how to control and manipulate light correctly so as to achieve the best vibrancy of colour, texture and luminosity on subjects. Topics covered include:

Photography's Evolution

This module explores the characteristics of the digital images and the mechanical controls of the digital camera. Topics covered include:

The Digital Darkroom

The legacy of the darkroom also translates to the way that we may set up a digital studio. This module explores the digital darkroom, photographic software and image correcting techniques noting two distinctive characteristic methods: destructive and non-destructive. Topics covered include:

Visual Language and Creative Photography

"A photographer starts with the messiness of the world and finds order and structure in that image, and imposes their own value or our own idea of what we consider to be important." - Stephen Shore, Photographer. Topics covered in this module include:

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