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This Certification verifies my knowledge of the learning outcomes identified within each course listed below and validates that I possess the core knowledge essential for success in using social media in a business and professional context. The course was developed by the Hootsuite Academy in consultation with senior marketing strategists and practitioners. A minimum score of 80% was required to pass the certification exam based on courseware.

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Social Networks and Social Media Marketing

This course explores how various social networks differ and ways in which they can be leveraged to achieve set goals. It reveals how Social Media provides businesses and individuals with a powerful tool for marketing products, services, initiatives and for building a receptive audience.

Social Media Strategy

The components of a comprehensive social media plan are examined within this unit. Starting with an audit it reveals the essential building blocks that shape a strategic document. This includes guidelines that govern appropriate use of social media, define brand persona and clearly communicate roles and responsibilities. It also examines crisis response plans required to manage unexpected situations. Other topics covered include setting goals, objectives, KPIs, budgets and measuring ROI through qualitative and quantitative measures.

Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles

Platform-agnostic best practices for optimizing profile settings are prescribed within this area of study. It also provides analyses of various platform features and elements used to more effectively engage with audiences and monitor other organizations.

Building Your Advocate Community

This unit provides guidance for building communities of social media advocates, as a part of broader social media marketing activities. It asserts that a strong community of engaged customers, brand and employee advocates can go a long way in growing the success of an organization.

Content Marketing Fundamentals

This unit prescribes best practices for sharing content across networks. It advocates for sharing content that is informative, entertaining and timely as a key element of a successful social media strategy. It examines content creation, content curation and methods of measuring the ROI of a Content Program.

Social Advertising Fundamentals

Within this unit, the quickly growing industry of social media advertising is examined. It advocates best practices for integrating social media ads into social media marketing plans to help boost the reach of content, grow online communities and capture the interest of prospective customers. It demonstrates using paid social advertisements effectively to amplify social media marketing activities that are already experiencing some success.

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