The Psychology of Online Sales

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Using human psychology to ethically increase sales results in increased profits, customer satisfaction and brand reputation. This course is primarily concerned with online sales but the word 'sale' can be substituted for 'commitment' making learning outcomes applicable to not-for-profit and charitable institutions too.

Understanding the psychology of online sales is key to targeting an audience and knowing why users make the choices they do. This ten week course delivered by the Interaction Design Foundation examines evidence based psychological techniques that amalgamate content and design to deliver increased sales and profits. The word 'sale' can be substituted for 'commitment' making learning outcomes applicable to not-for-profit and charitable institutions too.

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Certification not only provides the foundation of great design and content to facilitate sales, but it ensures an ethical approach that guarantees long-term sustainability for a business.

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The Subconscious Mind - The Customer of Design

This module examines the theories that underpin the psychology of online sales and how to harness this effectively when targeting an audience. It explores the roles of differing parts of the brain, and how each can be targeted to drive sales and commitment. Topics covered include:

Social Validation

This module explores how the actions of strangers can influence others and offers different ways social validation can be used beyond sales. It also examines the Bystander Effect Theory and how this impacts the realm of online sales. Topics covered include:

Design to Grab Attention

This module examines the key principles that govern communication design and how these principles apply to website design. Comprehension and application of these principles ensure the most effective use of images, video and colour schemes. Topics covered include:

Choice Is Not All That It Appears

This module introduces choice manipulation, scarcity, immediacy and an audience’s desire to feel privileged as effective sales tools. It also explores how different parts of the brain react to choice overload, snap decisions and immediate reward vs long-term payoff. Topics covered include:

Gaining Commitment, It's all About Them

Customer commitment brings a solid base of revenue which is critical to the long term success of any business. This module explores several ways to acquire and maintain the commitment from online customers Topics covered include:

Build Similarity and Then Make Them Afraid to Lose

Building rapport and empathy with customers makes them feel valued and more likely to purchase. This module examines how to build rapport and how the science of attraction relates to this. Topics covered include:

Learn to Tell a Story

Storytelling is a key component of sales and helps customers feel they are part of something bigger than just an exchange of goods. This module shows how to craft a narrative that helps increase sales by building rapport. Topics covered include:

Integrity Matters, Long Term Relationship Building

This module explores concepts related to long-term relationship building. Understanding the long-term sales cycle and employing methods to create a repeat customer base can successfully harness the power of customer loyalty. Topics covered include:

Sociability and Going Viral

Viral marketing is one of the most powerful sociability forces in business. This module explores concepts related to viral marketing and how they can be utilised to increase the profile of a product or service. Topics covered include:

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