Professional and Courageous Conversations

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Managers and leaders require the skills and confidence to intervene early to address risky behaviour, and conduct professionally appropriate discussions to achieve positive results. The Professional and Courageous Conversations program provides the knowledge and skills to effectively address difficult, conflict ridden situations. Completion of this program has provided an understanding of the importance of positive role modelling in creating a healthy workplace culture.

Culture and Leadership

Culture and LeadershipLeaders are custodians of culture and everyday behaviour sets the cultural agenda. Organisational culture is influenced by responses to inappropriate behaviour both observed and brought to one's attention. Gaps surfacing due to the absence of well role modelled behaviour that follows defined process will likely be filled by others that don't demonstrate the appropriate behaviours.

Leadership Accountabilities

Leaders are accountable for the health and safety of their staff. Leaders must treat staff fairly and promote an environment free of discrimination, harassment and bullying. Studies show that managers providing fair and accurate informal feedback, and clarifying performance expectations have the most positive impact on driving high performance within teams. Willing to listen objectively and prepared to take action, managers must remain approachable to all team members.

Responding To Inappropriate Behaviour You Observe

Observed poor behaviour should be acted on using appropriate organisation processes. This module provides suggested steps to responding to inappropriate behaviour and suggested conversation structure for providing initial feedback. The steps include: Respond thoughtfully and don't React; Have the right mind set of problem solving rather than punishment; Converse with a clear purpose or outcome; Provide clear feedback focussed on behaviour not the person; Formulate a plan and prepare your discussion; and Soundboard or practice the conversation for advice and reassurance.

Dealing With Matters Brought To Your Attention

There are a number of ways to intervene when a complaint is raised within the workplace. The Complaint Triage Process can determine the most appropriate manner in which to manage a complaint. This module offers three options for handling a complaint or concern and a suggested structure for handling the initial conversation. The three options for handling a complaint are an Informal one to one; Informal third party interventions and Formal steps that follow defined procedures.

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