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This Certification verifies my knowledge and validates I possess the skills essential for successfully utilizing online marketing in a business context. The course was developed by Google and comprises of 106 lessons, each ending with questions to test understanding. Certification was awarded upon successful completion of a final exam drawn the entire course.

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Take a business online

Today's world is a digital one, with nearly half the world online. This module explores what opportunities exist and how a website, videos or social media could help reach set goals.

First steps in online success

There are many ways to promote a business online. This module examines how various digital channels work, which options are best suited, and how to set up a clear strategic plan that will help achieve set goals and assess results.

Build your web presence

From websites to local listings; mobile apps to social media, there are lots of ways to be found online. This module examines design and usability best practices that ensure websites tell stories well, and allow customers to find what they need.

Plan your online business strategy

A business maust identify goals and know how to track progress. This module shows how to put your best foot forward when creating a digital business strategy, how to stand apart from the competition and how to impress customers at every point of their experience.

Get noticed locally

Businesses with a physical storefront need to harness local online marketing in order to reach customers. This modules provides learnings to ensure visibility to customers close to store locations by creating listings in local directories, engaging in mobile marketing and building a local search presence.

Help people nearby find you online

Thanks to search engines, local directories and social networks, reaching customers who are physically close to a store is a relatively easy task. This module shares ways to take advantage of that unique opportunity to attract new customers, by mastering local advertising, mobile marketing and more.

Get noticed with social media

Most individuals are on social media, so it makes sense for business to be there too. This module teaches how to take advantage of social media networks by understanding why joining the right social media sites can grow a brand's presence by engaging with networks.

Deep dive into social media

A well organised social media plan and strategy will go a long way in saving time and energy. This module examines what social content works best, why advertising on social can be a powerful addition to strategy, and how to measure success to optimise future social content.

Discover the possibilities of mobiles

Web browsing on-the-go is very much a part of everyday life which is why a mobile presence is important for businesses to embrace. This module defines the differences between mobile sites and mobile apps, mobile SEO and which type of mobile marketing is right for specific goals.

Make mobile work for you

With mobile video consumption on the rise, it makes sense to include mobile within advertising strategy. This module provides an understanding of the options and tools available. It also demonstrates how to choose the right keywords and ad formats for a successful mobile marketing campaign.

Get started with content marketing

Content marketing is a great way to build trust and increase site traffic. This module teaches how to write for online audiences, organise production and promotion, choose the right format based on content, and track content marketing success.

Advertise on other websites

Email marketing is a great way to connect and stay in touch with customers. This module examines the fundamentals of effective email marketing campaigns, from building a contact list to designing emails that really stand out.

Deep dive into display advertising

To make display ads succeed, it is important to understand how advertising networks connect businesses with websites with ad space to sell. This module examines how to harness the power of retargeting solutions to stay top of mind and really move potential customers through the sales funnel.

Make the most of video

Video is a vibrant and popular part of the online experience. Connecting with customers through this versatile medium can open up valuable advertising and content marketing opportunities. This module shows how to integrate video into an online strategy, plan and produce videos on a budget, and promote them so that they're seen by the right people.

Getting started with analytics

Web analytics can provide a world of information when it comes to understanding web users. This module demonstrates that by clearly outlining business goals, then utilising analytics data to help refine and improve website design to meet objectives.

Find success with analytics

Analytics tools provide lots of data, but they don’t always give easy answers. This module examines web analytics and shows how to measure organic search analytics, understand SEM data and master segmentation techniques.

Turn data into insights

Knowing how to turn digital data into actionable insights can improve online campaign results and help achieve goals. This module explores the data cycle, how to draw actionable insights from raw data, and which tools can help manage digital data efficiently. It also covers how to present information in a way that will make the most impact with a target audience.

Get started with search

Search engines make it simple to find what you're looking for with a click of a button. This module shows how search engines work and how visibility on them can improve. It also defines the difference between organic and paid search results and why advertising on search engines is so effective.

Get discovered with search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website in a search engine's unpaid (organic) results. This module examines the process of developing an adaptable SEO plan, identifying the most effective keywords, and which tools can help measure what matters.

Make search work for you

Optimising web pages correctly means more people can find content faster. There are lots of ways to achieve this, so choosing the most effective methods will save time and resources. This module shows how to master meta tags, backlinks, international SEO and more.

Be noticed with search ads

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can open up a world of opportunities when it comes to promoting a service or product. By specifically targeting people in the moment they're searching, online advertising can directly connect potential customers. This module demonstrates how an SEM auction works and which elements are important to master so ads can stand out from the crowd.

Improve your search campaigns

The world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is full of opportunities but research tools and keyword selection need to be mastered. This module shows how to improve and optimise search campaigns to ensure maximum value for related expenditure.

Build your online shop

Enter the world of e-commerce and learn how to effectively sell your products online. This module introduces the tools needed to build an online shop from scratch, payment methods and managing orders.

Sell more online

Once online, it's time to ensure everything is optimised correctly so that customers have the smoothest user experience possible. This module examines each touchpoint as an important communication opportunity with customers, from browsing to checking out and receiving promotions about sales.

Expand internationally

Before launching products or services to an international audience, it's important to validate your new markets, know the difference between translation and localisation. This module explores the technical infrastructure to manage an international site and advertising across border considerations so that marketing messages are seen by the right audience, wherever they are.

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