Crucial Conversations


Identify and handling crucial conversations that are preventing desired results is critical. This practical two day workshop delivered by VitalSmarts is based upon the best selling business book, Crucial Conversations. Key skills attained from the training include being able to gain control of emotional responses and to make it safe for an exchange of honest opinions.

Get Unstuck

How to spot the conversations that are keeping you from what you want.

Identify where you are stuck; Unbundle with CPR (Content, Pattern & Relationship).

"The bottom line is this: If you don't talk it out. You will act it out." - Joseph Grenny, VitalSmarts

Start with Heart

How to stay focussed on what you really want.

What results do I really want? How would I behave if I really do?

"The reason others get defensive with us is not because we lack the right skills, but because we have the wrong motives. Change what you want and you'll change how you act." - Ron McMillan, VitalSmarts

Master My Stories

How to stay in dialogue when you're angry, scared or hurt.

Separate fact from story; Watch for three clever stories (Victim, Villian & Helpless); Tell the rest of the story.

"The central skill for taking control of the quality of your life and the quality of your relationships is the ability to master your stories." - Joseph Grenny, VitalSmarts


How to speak persuasively, not abrasively.

Share your facts; Tell your story; Ask for others' paths; Talk tentatively; Encourage testing.

"You can argue as strongly as you want for your opinion as long as you are equally vigorous in encouraging others to disagree." - Ron McMillan, VitalSmarts

Learn to Look

How to notice when safety is at risk.

Look for when a conversation becomes crucial; Look for silence and violence in yourself and others.

"We go to silence because we dread crucial conversations. We go to violence because we're unskilled at holding crucial conversations." - Al Switzler, VitalSmarts

Make it Safe

How to make it safe to talk about almost anything.

The two conditions of safety are mutual purpose and mutual respect.

"The limiting factor of all communication is not the riskiness of the message you want to share, but how safe you can help others feel hearing the message." - Kerry Patterson, VitalSmarts

Explore Others' Paths

How to listen when others blow up or clam up.

Use AMPP to explore others' paths. Ask to get things rolling; Mirror to confirm feelings; Paraphrase to acknowledge the story; Prime when you're getting nowhere.

"The best predictor of your ability to get to dialogue is the amount of curiosity you bring to the conversation." - Joseph Grenny, VitalSmarts

Move to Action

How to turn crucial conversations into action and results.

Document WWWF. Who does What by When and how will we Follow up.

"The key to real change is not just to build a great process - it's for people to hold each other accountable to use the process. And that requires crucial conversations." - Ron McMillan, VitalSmarts

Thanks for taking the time to learn about my study of how to engage in Crucial Conversations

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